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Our Winery

Bodegas Molina Pérez family winery has a long tradition. Three generations, Jaime, Carlos and Hector, have devoted their effort and sacrifice to their passion for wine, taking care of the vines and making their wines with utmost care and respect.

After forty years of expansion, Hector Molina, the last generation, began a new stage in the family business in 2010.

With great enthusiasm, Hector decides to launch his own brand under the name Molina Pérez. Following the legacy transmitted by his grandfather and his father, he sells the first carbonic maceration Molina Pérez wine, with which he has obtained several awards.

Now, father and son work hand in hand to expand the market of the winery. With this aim, they have started selling Young White Molina Pérez and their most personal work, the Signature Wine “Elsa”, a twelve months red wine that honors his beloved daughter Elsa, the fourth generation, the one who might take over the business in the future.

The charm of his winery lies on the preservation of its ancient walls, perfectly complemented with small reforms necessary to implement new technologies. A perfect example of the coexistence between different time periods is the mix of concrete and stainless steel tanks and the update of the machinery in the bottling area.

The two active generations of Bodegas Molina Pérez combine their work in the field and in the winery. Thus, they pamper and supervise every detail of the process, from the development of the strain and the ripening of the grapes to the final stage of the product: bottling.

Bodegas Molina Pérez winery

"Three generations of winery tradition, taking care of the vines and making their wines with utmost care and respect."


Bodegas Perez Molina has a txoko, so customers can meet or eat some "chops to the branch".

Bodegas Molina Pérez txoko